Proyecto Hermanas

Proyecto Hermanas poses a question that challenges tradition and respects it all the same, and in doing so establishes these sisters' legacy by means of a new path of work and creation. This is two sisters' search for a style of their own and the fulfillment of creating a common project that brings distant lands together.

For them, it is an opportunity to miss each other less, to laugh in the face of their differences and join forces with nature. And while there may not have been a precise reason for creating this project, a desire for shared adventures is as evident as the ever-present need for shaking things up.


Proyecto Hermanas Malbec & Cabernet Franc 2018 – TS

Province: Mendoza
Region: Pedriel, Luján de Cuyo & Gualtallary, Tupungato
Elevación: 980 & 1.380 msnm
Varietals: 75% Malbec + 25% Cabernet Franc
Tamaño del viñedo: CF: 2 parcelas una de 2 ha y otra de 1,5 ha. Total viñedo La Jacintana: 25 ha total plantadas &Malbec: 4 parcelas de 1,8 ha aprox. Total viñedo 23 ha Finca Aguas Verde (Gualtallary).
Edad del viñedo: CF plantado en 1993, Perdriel & Malbec 2006, Gualtallary.
Si es un solo viñedo el número de plantas por hectárea: CF 3200 pl/ha & Malbec 3200 pl/ha
Rendimientos: promedio 80 qq/ha
Irrigation: drip irrigation with well water and tap water
Composición del suelo: Gualtallary: arenoso con elevado contenido calcáreo. Caliche y piedras a profundidad variable & Pedriel: suelo franco limoso con subsuelo de piedras a profundidad variable
Sistema de conducción: para Malbec espaldero bajo. Poda en cordones con pitones. Para CF espaldro alto
Harvest date: 2018
Type of viticulture: plan to become organic in 5 years

Winemaking and ageing
Yeast: indigenous
Fermentation container: stainless steel tanks from 5,000 to 10,000 liters or oak vats of 4,000 liters
Técnica de maceración: pre-fermentativa en frío durante 3 días. Durante esta etapa se realizan remontajes diarios y delestages.
Temperatura de fermentación: máxima 30º – 31°C
Length of fermentation: 20 to 25 days
Malolactic fermentation: spontaneous
Size/material of the aging container: 500 liters barrels
Age of container if wood: second use
Type of barrel and Cooperage: French oak barrels
Time of aging in container: 12 months
Time of aging in bottle: 12 months

Analytical data
Alcohol: 13,8%
Ph 3,60
Azúcar residual: 2,8 gr/l
Acidity: 5,48 g/l
Sulfitos n/a

Proyecto Hermanas White Blend 2021 – TS

Province: Mendoza
Region: Tupungato & Luján de Cuyo
Subregion: La Carrera (Sauvignon Blanc), Gualtallary (Chardonnay) & Perdriel (Viognier)
Elevation: 1.400, 1.350 & 980 msnm
Varietals: 52% Suavignon Blanc + 32% Chardonnay + 16% Viognier
Yields: Chardonnay 80 qq ha; Sauvignon 70 qq/ha & Viognier 80 qq/ha
Irrigation: drip irrigation
Soil composition: Sauvignon: sandy; Viognier: silty loam with stone subsoil at variable depths; Chardonnay: sandy with a high calcareous content, caliche and stones at variable depths.
Training method: Viognier & Sauvignon blanc high SVP, cordon pruning
Chardonnay high SVP, guyot
Harvest date: 2021
Type of viticulture: conventional

Winemaking and ageing
Yeast: selected
Fermentation container: Sauvignon Blanc fermented in a stainless steel tank at a low temperature while the Chardonnay and Viognier, once fermentation had started, were transferred to 500 liters French oak barrels
Maceration technique: without maceration. Pressing and prior deburring by decanting
Fermentation temperature: Sauvignon Blanc, below 15°C; Chardonnay and Viognier below 18°C
Length of fermentation: 15 to 21 days
Malolactic fermentation: no
Size/material of the aging container: Sauvignon blanc in stainless steel tanks. In the case of the Chardonnay, half of the wine was placed in new French oak barrels and the other half in used French oak barrels. The Viognier was aged in used French oak barrels.
Container aging time: each varietal spent 12 months in its tank/barrel before being blended and bottled
Time of aging in bottle: 8 months minimum

Analytical data
Alcohol: 13,4%
Ph 3,2
Residual sugar: 1,4 g/l
Acidity: 6,7 g/l

Winemaker: Juan Roby