Susana Balbo

Susana Balbo is a family winery specialized in making upmarket wines. Located in Agrelo, Mendoza, at the base of the Andes, the winery was founded in 1999 by Susana Balbo, Argentina's first female oenologist.

The winery has a multidisciplinary team composed of Susana's children José and Ana. Everyone who works at Susana Balbo shares their founder's values, vision and passion for creating quality wines.

Susana Balbo Signature Limited Edition Torrontés de Raíz Orange Wine 2020 – TS

Province: Mendoza
Region: Uco Valley
Subregion: Paraje Altamira
Elevation: 1.150 masl
Varietal: 100% Torrontés
Vineyard age: 16 years old
Yields: 85 qq/has
Irrigation: drip irrigation
Soil composition: loamy sandy
Training method: VSP Double Guyot
Harvest date: 2020
Type of viticulture: conventional

Winemaking and ageing
Whole cluster: yes
Yeast: indigenous
Fermentation container: terracotta amphorae and French oak barrels
Maceration technique: 16 days in contact with their skins at controlled temperatures, close to 16°C
Fermentation temperature: 14º to 18ºC
Fermentation duration: in terracotta amphorae for 10 days at 14-16°C
Malolactic fermentation: no
Size/material of the aging container: 225 liters
Age of container if wood: forth use
Type of barrel and Cooperage: Taransaud French oak
Time of aging in container: 12 months
Time of aging in bottle: 6 months

Analytical data
Alcohol: 13,5%
Ph: 3.18
Residual sugar: < 1,8 g/l
Acidity: 6,6 g/l
Sulfites: yes

Winemakers: Susana Balbo, Gustavo Bertagna

Susana Balbo Signature Malbec 2021 – TS

Provincia:  Mendoza
Región: Valle De Uco
Subregion: Paraje Altamira
Elevation: 1.150 masl
Varietales: 96% Malbec + 4% Merlot
Tamaño del viñedo: parcela de 3,5 Has.
Vineyard age: planted in 2004
Número de plantas por hectárea: 4.000 Pl/Ha
Rendimientos: 80 Qq/Ha
Irrigation: drip irrigation
Composición del suelo: Suelo arenoso con presencia de limo. Gran cantidad de piedras de forma regular de tipo coluvial. Caliza en las capas inferiores.
Training method: high trellis
Fecha de cosecha: Abril 2021
Tipo De Viticultura: Convencional

Winemaking and ageing
Whole cluster: no
Yeast: selected
Fermentation container: stainless steel tanks
Maceration technique: in contact with the skin for 35 days. Conservation on lees with battonages.
Temperatura de fermentación: 28°C máximo
Length of fermentation: 20 days
Malolactic fermentation: yes
Tamaño/Material del contenedor de envejecimiento: roble francés
Age of the container if it is made of wood: 30% of the barrels were first-use (new) and 70% of the barrels were second-use.
Tipo de barrica y tonelería: barricas de 225 Litros – Boutes Y Taransaud
Tiempo de crianza en contenedor: 13 Meses
Tiempo de crianza en botella: 13 Meses

Datos Analíticos
Alcohol: 14,5%
Ph: 3,65
Azúcar Residual: 2,05
Acidez: 5,48 G/L
Sulfites: yes

Winemaker: José Lovaglio