Michelini i Mufatto

It is the project of Gerardo Michelini, his wife and winemaker, Andrea Mufatto and Manuel, the eldest son of the couple, also a winemaker. For years, they have been contributing to place the Michelini name, together with Gerardo's brothers, among the most prestigious winemakers in this part of the world. Their main concept is to demonstrate the purity, minerality, finesse and elegance of the Uco Valley terroir. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

La Cautiva Vino Tinto 2019 – TS

Province: Mendoza
Region: Uco Valley
Subregion: La Cautiva, Tupungato
Elevation: 1.500 masl
Varietal: 100% Malbec
Vineyard size: 2 ha.
Vineyard age: 12 years old

Number of plants per hectare: 7.000 plants
Yields: 6.000 kg per ha.
Soil composition: sand and limestone
Training method: trellis
Harvest date: beginning of April 2017
Type of viticulture: ecological

Winemaking and ageing
Whole cluster: yes, 100%
Yeast: indigenous
Fermentation container: open wooden vats
Maceration technique: 30 days
Fermentation container: not controlled
Length of fermentation: 10 days
Malolactic fermentation: yes
Size/material of the aging container: 3.000 liters / French oak foudre
Age of container if wood: 3 years old

Type of barrel and Cooperage: French cooperage
Time of aging in container: 2 years
Time of aging in bottle: 5 months

Analytical data
Alcohol: 13,5%
Ph: 3,2
Residual sugar: 1 g/l
Acidity: 6 g/l
Sulfites: 30 ppm

Winemakers: Michelini I Mufatto

Retail price: R$ 420

GY Cabernet Franc – Malbec 2021  – TS

Province: Mendoza
Región:  Valle de Uco
Subregión: Tupungato
Elevación: 1.200/1.500 msnm
Varietales:  Malbec & Cabernet Franc
Tamaño del viñedo:  son 3 viñedos distintos, total 5 ha aproximadamente
Edad del viñedo: 15 añosa
Rendimientos 4.500 kg/ha
Irrigación : por goteo
Composición del suelo:  arena y calcáreo
Training method: trellis
Fecha de cosecha:  5 al 25 de Marzo 2021
Type of viticulture: ecological

Vinificación y crianza 40% racimo entero, resto despalillado , remontajes 1 por dia muy leve
Racimo completo: sí, 40%, resto despabilado
Yeast: autochthonous
Contenedor de fermentación: cubas de 10.000 lts
Temperatura de fermentación:  20º a 28º grados
Duración de la fermentación:  10 días
Malolactic fermentation: yes
Tamaño/material del contenedor de envejecimiento:  barricas de 225 a 500 litros
Edad del contenedor si es de madera:  5 años promedio
Type of barrel and Cooperage: assorted cooperage
Time of aging in container: 12 months
Time of aging in bottle: 6 months

Analytical data
Alcohol 13,5 %
Ph 3,5
Residual sugar: 1,8 g/l
Acidez 5,8 g/
Sulfitos  60 total

Winemaker: Michelini I Mufatto

Precio retail: R$ 169