Cara Sur

Cara Sur is a project that was created in 2013 by friends and family members who felt the need to make wines which expressed the identity of their beloved land: the Calingasta Valley in San Juan.
The team is made up of Marcela Manini, Nuria Añó, Pancho Bugallo and Sebastián Zuccardi.
The winery's mountain wines reflect the character and culture of the Andean people. In order for this to happen, a rich and long-standing heritage belonging to these mountainous landscapes has been given new life and is reflected in the ways the land is cultivated and in its ancient vineyards. Cara Sur believes that the best way to communicate the meaning of a place is to grow the distinctive traits of the vineyards by means of a simple yet rigorous elaboration process.

Cara Sur Criolla 2021 – TS

Province: San Juan
Region: Calingasta Valley
Subregion: Barreal
Elevation: 1.550 msnm
Varietal: 100% Criolla Chica
The Criolla Chica vines are mixed in between three parcels, within the same estate: “Pergola de blanca” (1,65 ha) · Grapes: Moscatel Tinto, Torrontés Sanjuanino and Criolla Chica. “Pergola El Cerezo” (1,45 ha) · Grapes: Cereza, Bonarda, Torrontés Sanjuanino, Moscatel Rosado and Criolla Chica. “Parral Los Nidos” (1,2 ha) · Grapes: Bonarda and Criolla Chica. “San Isidro Estate” (0,5 ha) · Grapes: Torrontés Sanjuanino and Criolla Chica.
Vineyard age: 80 years old
Yields: 10.000 kg per ha.
Irrigation: Irrigation with snowmelt water from the Los Patos river.
Soil composition: The soils in this area are alluvial and are composed of material transported from the very heart of the Andes. Some areas contribute important colluvial deposits from the Precordillera, which makes possible a wide diversification of local agriculture.
Training method: parral
Harvest date: 2021
Type of viticulture: ecological / sustainable

Winemaking and ageing
Whole cluster: 15% of stalk
Yeasts: from the vineyard
Fermentation container: we ferment each plot separately, in 1.000 and 2.000 liters vases (concrete eggs)
Maceration technique: it lasts from 15 to 21 days, but with low extraction. During this phase, we humid the cap twice a day
Fermentation temperature: 22° C máximum
Length of fermentation: 15 to 21 days, each vineyard is fermented separately
Malolactic fermentation: spontaneous
Size/material of the aging container: concrete
Type of barrel and Cooperage: not used
Time of aging in container: 10 months
Time of aging in bottle: it is not aged in bottle, only for the time it takes to reach the market, which is generally 6 months from bottling

Analytical data
Alcohol: 12,9%
Ph: 3,4
Residual sugar: < 1,8 g/l
Acidity: 5,32 g/l
Sulfitess: 25 mg/l (total), < 10 mg/l (free)

Winemakers: Francisco Bugallo, Sebastián Zuccardi

Precio: U$S 28