Catena Zapata

All great wines are born in the vineyard, and Catena Zapata's vision consists of making intense, unforgettable wines that are true expressions of their terroir. Catena's history is Argentina's history.
Founded in 1902, Bodega Catena Zapata is known for its pioneer role in resurfacing the Malbec variety and discovering the extreme altitude terroirs at the base of the Andes.

White Bones Chardonnay 2021 – TS

Province: Mendoza
Region: Gualtallary, Tupungato
Subregion: Uco Valley
Elevation: 1.450 masl
Varietal: 100% Chardonnay
Size of the vineyard: 2,2 ha
Soil composition: alluvial origin, layered with calcareous deposits and limestone as well as fossilized animal bones - remnants of a river that used to pass through the region.

Winemaking and ageing
Yeast: wild
Fermentation container: stainless tanks
Maceration technique: Cold settling for 12 hours
Malolactic fermentation: partial
Fermentation temperature: 16ºC
Length of fermentation: 45 to 95 days
Aging container size/material: French oak barrels
Aging container size/material: 1st, 2nd and 3rd use French oak barrels
Time of aging in container: 12 to 16 months

Analytical data
Alcohol: 12,7%
Ph: 3,2
Acidity: 8,1 g/l

Winemaker: Alejandro Vigil

Malbec Argentino 2020 – TS

Province: Mendoza
Region: Maipú (Angélica Vineyard) & San Carlos (Nicasia Vineyard)
Subregion: Lunlunta & Paraje Altamira
Elevation: Angélica, Vineyard, Lunlunta: 920 msnm & Nicasia Vineyard, Altamira: 1095 msnm.
Varietal: 100% Malbec
Size of the vineyard: Angélica Vineyard, Lunlunta: 80 ha & Nicasia vineyard, Altamira: 40 ha
Age of the vineyard: Angélica Vineyard: 92 years old & Nicasia vineyard: 26 years old
Irrigation: drip irrigation
Angelica Vineyard: Alluvial origin. Loamy clay in the topsoil with rounded rocks on the bottom. Nicasia vineyard: Alluvial origin. Loamy soil, with rounded rocks on the bottom.
Training method: VSP
Angélica Vineyard: first and second week of march & Nicasia Vineyard: last week of march.
Type of viticulture: sustainable

Winemaking and ageing
Whole cluster: 15-25% Whole Cluster, cold maceration
Yeasts: native
Fermentation container: Vertical 225 liter open oak barrels and 500 liter french oak roll- fermentors.
Maceration technique: Vertical barrels: manual punch down, Roll fermentors: rotation
Fermentation temperature: Maximum temperature 24ºC
Length of fermentation: 25 to 38 days
Malolactic fermentation: full
Aging container size/ material: 225 L & 500 L French oak barrels
Age of container if wood: first, 2nd and 3rd use barrels
Type of barrel and Cooperage: French oak (BILLON - D'AQUITAINE - ERMITAGE - SAURY)
Time of aging in container: 12 to 18 months
Time of aging in bottle: 12 months

Analytical data
Alcohol: 13,8%
Ph: 3,60
Residual sugar: 2,63 g/l
Acidity: 6,05 g/l
Sulfites: 90 mg/lt

Winemaker: Ernesto Bajda

Nicasia Vineyard Malbec 2019 – TS

Province: Mendoza
Region: Uco Valley ( Nicasia vineyard)
Subregion: La Consulta, Paraje Altamira
Elevation: 1.095 masl
Varietal: 100% Malbec
Size of the vineyard: 40 ha
Age of the vineyard: from 1996
Irrigation: drip irrigation
Soil composition: very shallow loamy topsoil with surface gravel and gravelly (large stones) dry riverbed subsoil - optimal drainage.
Training method: VSP
Harvest date: from last week of March till first week of April
Type of viticulture: sustainable (with Bodegas Argentinas certification)

Winemaking and ageing
Whole cluster: 10%
Yeasts: native
Fermentation container: new French oak barrels of 2.000 and 5.000 liters
Maceration technique: extensive cold maceration at less than 10ºC
Fermentation temperature: 25ºC to 30ºC max.
Length of fermentation: 29 days
Malolactic fermentation: yes
Size/material of the aging container: new French oak barrels of 225 and 500 liters
Age of container if made of wood: 1 and 2 years old
Type of barrel and Cooperage: French oak barrels
Time of aging in container: 20 months

Analytical data
Alcohol: 13,7%
Ph: 3,60
Acidity: 6,7 g/l

Winemaker: Alejandro Vigil